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Today the IT is one of the most important parts to every company. It is to critical to work without a professional assistance. In many cases there is no local personnel for this work. Especially for smaller companies it is often difficult to hire those experts.

Here can help you with our services. Instead of employing own personnel you can settle this task externally thru our office.

The system administration will be performed on site or from our office remotely. 


We offer the assistance to your IT to the extent of your needs. This will reach from the system administration up to an external IT manager. 

As external IT manager we will be your central contact for all your questions regarding your IT. Which ever problem exists, we will directly take care to get it resolved. So there is no need for the time consuming search of the right person at your supplier.

Our assistance contains many different aspects:

  • System administration

  • Hotline support

  • Administration of components and licenses

  • Purchase of hard- and software

  • Surveying of IT projects



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